Lunchroom Expectations

Q. What are the expectations in the school's 'lunchroom’? (11:30-12:30)

1. Enter lunchroom quietly
2. Be seated immediately and remain seated throughout.
3. Raise hand to obtain permission to get up.
4. Behave appropriately. No running or disruptive behaviour, such as throwing of food, yelling,  
5. Help with clean-up: put recycling in appropriate containers, wipe tables, etc.
6. Line up quietly and in an orderly fashion to proceed outside with Lunchroom Supervisors.
7. Play safely and securely once outside, using respectful language: no swearing, no "put downs".
8. Remain on school property at all times.
9. Respect and co-operate at all times with Lunchroom Supervisors and Anson Park staff.

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