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Q. What is GOOGLE CLASSROOM and Class Dojo?

A. This year Anson will be almost exclusively online. We will not be using agendas this year but Academic Workspace to inform you of school-wide events and important messages. 

Teachers will using GOOGLE CLASSROOM and ClassDojo (all students have been added to Grade 6 on Class Dojo) to communicate with with parents and students. The majority of assignments will be posted online and will be required to be submitted also online. Your child will need to access Google Classroom and Google Drive in order to see and submit any assignment(s). Below are the instrucitons on how to connect with TDSBs Academic Workplace where you and your child will be able to access Google Classroom and Google Drive.


Our goal is to work together, parents, teacher and students, in order to create an educational community. We ask that you and your child check Google Classroom EVERY DAY to ensure your child is caught up on all assignments and that you receive important messages from all your childs teachers. Please ask your child to help you access this communication resource.

If your child does not have access to a computer to access Academic Workspace, please speak to me directly.

How to log on to Academic Workspace:

TDSB-Academic Workspace

1. Go to
Log in with your ID and Password
Once you ave successfully logged in to Academic Workspace, you will see a tab on the top that says Google apps. Place the cursor over top and select which app you would like to access: Google Docs or Google Classroom.

If you ave any further questions, please do not hesitate to email Mrs. Fraser directly ( or message her on Class Dojo.

- J. Fraser

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