Severe Weather Conditions

Q. What is the school's/board's Severe Weather Conditions Procedure?

A. Occasionally, severe weather conditions may require the TDSB to cancel transportation or, in extreme conditions, close schools. The decision to close schools is made by the Director of Education. If transportation is cancelled or schools are closed, the local media will be informed before the beginning of the school day. You can tune in to your radio and television news stations for the latest information.

If weather conditions become extreme after students are in school, elementary students will remain in the school until they are picked up by a parent or someone designated by a parent.

Recess and Lunch Time
Students are kept indoors for recess and lunch time for a number of weather conditions. When temperature and wind chill measure -28˚C or lower, students are kept indoors. Recess and lunch may be shortened or cancelled by the school principal (or designate) if the temperature and wind chill reading is between -20˚C and -28˚C.

If you have other questions or concerns about how and when weather conditions affect your child's school day, please speak with someone from our school's office.

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