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Toronto District School Board

The new (2008) TDSB Homework Policy policy is founded on sound teaching and learning practices, current research, and a great deal of consultation with parents, educators, and community. These policies balance time required to complete homework with extra curricular activities outside of the school day and activities that support personal and family wellness.

All TDSB schools have remedial programs, peer tutors, or Homework Clubs that you can access.

Homework is reported on only the Learning Skills section of the Elementary Report Card as part of Independent Work and Homework Completion.

Homework Tips for Grade 1 to 8

Help your child develop good study habits early that will help them throughout their education.

• Praise and encourage 
• Set a consistent homework time each night
• Provide a quiet place away from distractions 
• Have your child practise math, reading and writing daily
• Encourage conversation about what your child is learning in school
• Read togethe
• Let your child help you read and write recipes, newspapers, letters or shopping lists
• Be part of the process: ask questions, proofread
• Encourage your child to ask for help 
• Keep in touch with teacher(s) 
• Check that homework is completed
• Follow-up by asking questions about the assignment(s)


•  Get learning activities for JK to Grade 6 students from TVO

•  Ask a Teacher! Visit the Independent Learning Centre

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Google Classroom (Room 22)

Homework -  Anson Park P.S. (@ Room 22)

Your child is expected check Google Classroom, and be reading every night for at least 30 min. In addition to reading, in the first couple of weeks of the starting of the school year, your child will be receiving a homework folder and notebook. Majority of homework will be posted on Google Classroom and can be comppeted in the students homework book.

The Homework is designed to be done independently as it is meant to be a re-view of work your child has learned in previous years or so far this school year. It should not take very long to complete. Their work will be checked every day after lunch.

If your child has difficulty completing the homework calendar assignments, please ensure your child comes in for help.

Occasionally, additional special homework projects will be assigned. More information on these assignments will be sent home as they arise.

(I understand that some children are involved in activities outside school which may at times make it hard to complete homework. I ask you to encourage your child to do their best to complete their homework, but not stress over it. Please know that, generally speaking, completing homework on a regular basis will promote your child's learning and aid them in their schooling.)

 Updated: May 19, 2020

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