Our School

  Anson Park Public School (JK-8) 


Believe, Achieve, Succeed!

30 MacDuff Crescent
Scarborough, ON
M1M 1X5
416-396-5821 (fax)  

Email: Ansonpark@tdsb.on.ca;
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Mission Statement

The Anson Park P. S. community is committed to working together to help students achieve their best academically, socially and personally.

Anson Park P. S. is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 public school which opened in 1959. It is named after the park located adjacent to the school. Anson Park P. S. serves a stable community.  Many of our students' parents attended the school as children. Our school population is approximately 250 students. Although we are a small school, we offer a wide range of curricular and extra-curriculur programs. We value community involvement and our parents are active in supporting school-wide events and organizing activities.

Principal:  Mr. M. Riemer (416-396-6030)  

Office Staff:  Ms. Diane Wallas

Caretaker(s):  Mr. Allen R. Dennis ; Ms. Bastien

School Council Chair(s): Michelle Loretta

Superintendent:    Jacqueline Spence   (416-396-9188)

Trustee:    Parthi Kandavel  [Ward 8] (416-395-8787)

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 Updated: May 19, 2020

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